ATNAA atropine and pralidoxime chloride

The Antidote Treatment – Nerve Agent, Auto-Injector (ATNAA) provides Atropine Injection and Pralidoxime Chloride Injection in separate chambers as sterile, pyrogen-free solutions for intramuscular injection. The ATNAA is a specially designed unit for automatic self- or buddy-administration by military personnel.… Continue Reading


APOKYN (apomorphine hydrochloride injection) contains apomorphine hydrochloride, a non-ergoline dopamine agonist. Apomorphine hydrochloride is chemically designated as 6aβ-Aporphine-10,11-diol hydrochloride hemihydrate with a molecular formula of CHNO∙ HCL ∙ ½ HO. Its structural formula and molecular weight are: Apomorphine hydrochloride appears… Continue Reading

alogliptin and metformin hydrochloride

Alogliptin and metformin HCl tablets contain two oral antihyperglycemic drugs used in the management of type 2 diabetes: alogliptin and metformin hydrochloride.


AMMONUL (sodium phenylacetate and sodium benzoate) Injection 10% per 10% (a nitrogen binding agent), is a sterile, concentrated, aqueous solution of sodium phenylacetate and sodium benzoate. The pH of the solution is between 6 and 8. Sodium phenylacetate is a… Continue Reading


A topical anticaries preparation for professional use only. 1.23% fluoride ion from sodium fluoride. Optimized low pH for penetration. Ideal thixotropic action. Artificially flavored.


Doxorubicin is a cytotoxic anthracycline antibiotic isolated from cultures of var.. Doxorubicin consists of a naphthacenequinone nucleus linked through a glycosidic bond at ring atom 7 to an amino sugar, daunosamine. Chemically, doxorubicin hydrochloride is (8S,10S)-10-[(3-Amino-2,3,6-trideoxy-a-L-lyxo-hexopyranosyl)-oxy]-8-glycoloyl-7,8,9,10-tetrahydro- 6,8,11-trihydroxy-1-methoxy-5,12-naphthacenedione hydrochloride. The structural… Continue Reading


ALBENZA (albendazole) is an orally administered anthelmintic drug. Chemically, it is methyl 5-(propylthio)-2-benzimidazolecarbamate. Its molecular formula is CHNOS. Its molecular weight is 265.34. It has the following chemical structure: Albendazole is a white to yellowish powder. It is freely soluble… Continue Reading

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is a water-soluble vitamin. It occurs as a white or slightly yellow crystal or powder with a light acidic taste. It is an antiscorbutic product. On exposure to air and light it gradually darkens. In the… Continue Reading


Amlodipine and olmesartan medoxomil provided as a tablet for oral administration, is a combination of the calcium channel blocker (CCB) amlodipine besylate and the angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) olmesartan medoxomil. The amlodipine besylate component, USP of amlodipine and olmesartan… Continue Reading

Amlodipine besylate and Olmesartan medoxomil

Amlodipine besylate and olmesartan medoxomil provided as a tablet for oral administration, is a combination of the calcium channel blocker (CCB) amlodipine besylate, USP and the angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) olmesartan medoxomil, USP. The amlodipine besylate, USP component of amlodipine and… Continue Reading