Childhood Habits That Can Cause Problems Later

When you are a parent, a big part of your job is helping your children to develop positive habits that will help them throughout their lives. But many kids end up developing negative habits as well that can be detrimental over time. If you can find a way to encourage good habits while preventing bad habits from forming, you can ensure that your children are prepared for all the challenges adulthood will bring.


Most children will suck their thumbs from time to time, but when it becomes a habit, it can lead to problems for their oral health. Sucking their thumb can cause issues for the way the teeth grow in and how they sit in their mouth. This can make it difficult for children to have optimal oral health. And, the longer a child sucks their thumb, the more pronounced the problem will be for their teeth and mouth. It is important to help your child move away from sucking their thumb as quickly as you can. 

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a very common habit that many people develop in childhood. This can be incredibly hard on your teeth and can lead to issues with your oral health in general. Teeth grinding can make it harder for kids to sleep well at night. If your child grinds their teeth, it is important to take care to help them stop the habit or find solutions that can minimize the damage. A mouth guard can be fitted to your child’s teeth so that you can protect their dental health while they are sleeping.

Nail Biting

Many kids develop the habit of biting their nails when they are around seven years old or so. This habit can be detrimental for several reasons, and it is important to make sure that your child stops biting their nails. Some kids will develop infections around their fingertips because of their nail-biting habits. Biting their nails can also hurt your child’s oral health because it is hard on their teeth. If you can help your child to stop biting their nails it will help them for the rest of their lives.

When your child shows signs of developing a bad habit, you just need to thoughtfully help to redirect them. When you approach the situation with care and kindness, your child is much more likely to respond in a positive way. Then you can help them to build good habits that help them to stay safe and healthy.

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