How to Make Your Pregnancy Less Risky

Every pregnancy has some risk, so you want to be thoughtful (but not anxiety-driven) towards yours! If you have experienced loss previously, the knowledge that this is fairly common in early pregnancy for most of the US is no comfort when you have a beloved and hoped for goal of having a child. There are some factors which can help your pregnancy to be less risky, to help you in your goal. What things do you need to help your body in order to make your pregnancy as low risk as possible?

Consult With Your Doctor

Your OBGYN is an important part of your team for protecting your baby and you! Some women don’t think it’s critical to go see their OB as early in a pregnancy, but most OBGYNs encourage you to be seen by your eighth week after your last period, just to confirm pregnancy test results and get you ready for other things you need. They can counsel you on things which are critical to do and not do during pregnancy. Even if you’ve been pregnant before, each pregnancy is different.

Make Preparations for Delivery

Chiropractic care helps the baby get into position for an easier delivery. Make sure that you have a chiropractor who is experienced with pregnancy, naturally. Some adjustments are not indicated for pregnancy, just as some medications are not in western medication. However, helping your baby do its job to get flipped around to be in the right position during delivery can save you time and effort, and especially save the pain of back labor.

Use Safe Substances

There are a great deal of safe things to eat and drink during pregnancy, and a few which are not. Most people are aware that substances like drugs can have a severe impact on a developing child, but many are unaware that the most dangerous substance they can take in pregnancy is alcohol. You should never drink alcohol in pregnancy, as any amount of drinking can lead to life-long physical issues for the child or even miscarrage. For yours and the baby’s sake, please stay away from the booze. 

Your baby is important to you and you want to do everything correctly, but don’t panic! Your body knows what it’s doing, and is trying to help you along. Do what you can to protect your baby, and talk to your doctor to calm your mind and heart.

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