What to Know When Your Child Breaks a Bone

Running around, climbing things, and playing games is exactly what you want for your child’s development. Physically, their bodies are still growing and maturing which means they have weak areas that are prone to injury. Active children are at an increased risk of breaking a bone. Let your child explore the world and know what to do when your child breaks a bone.

What to Do Immediately After

The first thing to do is check the symptoms to see if a bone is actually broken. Symptoms include extreme pain, swelling, bruising, a crooked limb, and difficulty moving the broken limb. An exam by a doctor and an x-ray are required to confirm your child has a broken bone. If you have any doubt, contact your pediatrician or insta care provider to examine your child and prescribe the next steps.

The Recovery Process

Depending on the severity of the fracture and where it is located will determine your child’s recovery process. Bones can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to heal. During that time, your child will likely have it in a cast, prohibiting movement and external factors that could prevent the bone from healing. The lack of movement and use of their limb will cause deterioration of the muscle. It is important to build the muscle around the bone to keep it safe in the future. Physical therapy may help children with broken bones to recover more quickly. Full healing can take time, but trust in the body’s amazing ability to fully heal.

Care at Home

During the first few days following a fracture, you should encourage your child to rest. Your child should also avoid physical activities. If a child falls or hits the broken bone, it could move it out of alignment and may not heal in the correct position. As a parent, you should also monitor your child’s pain. Keep the injured area elevated to reduce swelling and monitor your child’s skin for any allergic reactions to the cast.

Fractures are a common childhood injury because their bones are still developing. Most fractures will heal well and cause no long-term complications. As a parent, know how to take care of your child immediately after breaking a bone, during recovery, and at home care.

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