Nutrients You Probably Need More of in Your Diet

Finding the right balance in your diet is challenging for anyone. While you probably have a good grasp of which foods are better for your health and which foods aren’t as great, it can be difficult to actually apply that knowledge in the way you eat. Starting with one change at a time can help you build the right habits.

Healthy Fats

Many people might initially try to avoid adding fat to their diet because they confuse the healthy and unhealthy fats. Healthy fats come from things like avocados and nuts. According to Culina Health, eating more of these fats helps your body feel full longer while also helping with digestion.

They also are an important source of energy and help reduce inflammation. Try to add more fish into your diet or try and add avocado to your toast in the morning. Making this simple change over a period of time could make a big difference in your health overall.


Fiber is a nutrient that specifically helps your body better digest your food—it helps your stools pass through your intestines and maintain bowel health. According to Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, you can get fiber through many fruits and vegetables.

Incorporating fruits and vegetables more frequently into your diet will not only help your digestion by increasing your fiber, but they also have been shown to help better break down foods like meats that are typically harder for your body to break down. If fruits and vegetables are unappetizing for you, try different recipes and mix up the vegetables you eat till you find them more appealing.


According to Elemental Bottles, one of the most important nutrients that your body needs is water. Water makes up the majority of your body’s composition by far, so going without water for long periods of time can be incredibly problematic for your health.

If you struggle to more fully incorporate water into your day-to-day life, find creative ways to drink more of it. If you’re stuck on sodas as your main method of hydration, consider diluting your soda with water. Or try adding lemon or cucumber to your water to give it a better taste.

As you go forward trying to improve your diet, be merciful with yourself. If you consistently label foods as “bad” and “good,” you’ll end up forming a bad relationship with food in general. Don’t berate yourself for being imperfect, enjoy your food, and focus on small changes at a time.

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